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Block Projects

What is a Block Project?

Block Projects are commissioned by the president and are designed to bring a new level of recognition, support, and structure to collaborative work. As we work to advance our strategic plan, Block Projects support our strategic initiative of Workplace Excellence, fostering an organization that is as innovative and dynamic as the CC academic experience through vibrant collaboration. These projects, which give intense focus over a short period of time to accomplish a specific mission, have set beginnings and ends to their work. 

“We get exciting moments of innovation, and then we’re done. You’re putting the right people together in a system that works in our mindset. One block. It’s perfect.” — Gail Murphy-Geiss, associate professor of sociology and Title IX coordinator, who has served on two Block Project teams (read more about the Block Project experience)

How can I submit an idea for a Block Project or offer my input?

In addition to reaching out to the members of the president's cabinet, ideas can also be submitted through the form on this webpage. Proposals received through the website will be collected by Lyrae Williams and submitted to the president.

What is the process for an idea to become a Block Project?

1. After project proposals are submitted, they are then vetted by first the president and then the president’s cabinet. If the proposal is approved, the president will work with the individual(s) who submitted the proposal to appoint a leader for the Block Project, and assemble a team of faculty, staff, and/or students as deemed appropriate.

2. Proposals and ideas submitted as Block Projects will be listed on this website’s front page. Updates on progress and resolution will also be posted.

In-Progress Projects

Block 5 2015 Project: Employee/Employer Commitment

Recommendation 5 of the college’s Strategic Plan emphasizes building an inclusive community, helping each person develop as a professional and sustaining workplace excellence that will advance our goals while also making CC one of the best places in the nation to work.

The work of the block project team is to generate a philosophy of shared responsibility and partnership between the college, staff, and faculty in our continued quest to workplace excellence and being recognized as a great place to work. Through examination of existing documents such as the staff and faculty handbooks, leadership philosophy statement, anti-discrimination and harassment policies, and other documents, the block project team will identify opportunities to strengthen the college community’s understanding and appreciation of the college’s commitment to ensuring a workplace that is grounded in respect, integrity and to reaffirm the belief that all members of our community are to be afforded opportunities to achieve the highest level of success possible.

Team Membership

Molly Bodnar, Chair, Assistant VP for Advancement Operations
Barbara Wilson, Director of Human Resources
Don Bricker, Associate Director of the Career Center
Mary Frances Kerr, Special Assistant to the President
Kathy Gonzales, Financial Aid Counselor
Klayton Matlock, Carpenter
Una Ng, Staff Assistant for Education
Brett Gray, LGBTQ Student Specialist
Erica Hardcastle, Staff Assistant in Classics and Comparative Literature
Tricia Waters, Associate Professor in Psychology
Owen Cramer, Professor of Classics

Block 5 2015 Project: Banner Finance Enhanced Fund and Org Transaction Security

Recommendation 5 of the college’s Strategic Plan emphasizes building an inclusive community, helping each person develop as a professional and sustaining workplace excellence that will advance our goals while also making CC one of the best places in the nation to work. Part of being an excellent workplace means to be efficient and effective in our daily operations. This block project will focus on finding new ways of creating efficiencies within our financial transaction posting process by exploring how the college might improve the processes and/or use of the Banner Finance module to ensure that financial transactions initiated by a user are posted only after verifying the fund and/or org codes being charged as well as ensuring that the charges are authorized by the appropriate fund managers. The team exploring this efficiency opportunity should feel free to examine workflow processes, Banner Finance module use and functionality, as well as post-transactional review options to reach the ultimate goal of having financial transactions recorded properly with appropriate approval for the fund code and/or org code.

Team Membership

Justin Weis, Chair, Associate Director of Residential Life
Gerri Anne Reed, Education/MAT Assistant
Sharon Neely, Academic Assistant Lead, Environmental Sciences
Michelle Christiansen, Academic Assistant Lead, GREAL
Jane Newberry, Executive Assistant, Athletics
Randy Nehls, Accounting Coordinator, Facilities Services
Lori Cowan, Associate Controller
Jazmine Newsom, Accounts Payable Coordinator
Liz Scherkenbach, Systems Programmer/Analyst, ITS

Completed Projects

Block 1 2014 Project: Calendar Solutions Team 

The Block Project will develop appropriate procedures and policies to accompany the newly acquired campus events, calendars, and room reservation management system to ensure effective implementation college wide. 

Report and Recommendations

Block B Project: Academic Staff – Performance Excellence

The goal of the performance excellence process at CC is to ensure that supervisors and staff understand and communicate openly about performance expectations and goals and that staff have opportunities to develop the skills and abilities needed to successfully contribute to the college’s mission. Since the implementation of the new performance excellence process two years ago, concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of centralizing the evaluation for academic office staff with just the department chair and methods used to ensure there is consistency and understanding on the use of the performance rankings for core academic office staff functions. The Block Project will review the performance excellence process for academic office staff to ensure it is administered effectively and to recommend alternatives for gathering and assessing performance behaviors and outcomes, and to develop consistent performance-ranked ratings.

Report and Recommendations

Block 8 2014 Project: Staff Taking Half Block and/or Summer Courses 

Fulfilling our mission to provide the finest liberal arts education in the country requires a campus culture that supports a first-rate staff in connecting to our mission and developing enthusiasm for lifelong learning, flexibility, open-mindedness, and other 21st century skills acquired by CC students. More importantly, because lifelong learning is critical for individuals to reach their potential in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing world, using CC’s Half Block and linked thematic summer courses, Colorado College should provide access to educational opportunities that further intellectual inquiry and familiarize staff with the unique curriculum structure. The Block Project will recommend guidelines for staff who wish to take Half Block or summer courses (existing summer blocks or special summer courses to be developed specifically for staff).

Report and Recommendations  

Block 5 2014 Project: EEO Voluntary Applicant Data

Colorado College is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse faculty, staff, and administration and fostering an inclusive campus culture that truly values different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and opinions. One step in attaining these goals is to make sure that our employment communications attract excellent and diverse pools for all of our positions. To assess our efforts, the college collects demographic data (voluntarily and confidentially) as part of our employment application process. The voluntary demographic data is kept confidential and is not used to identify any specific individual. The Block Project will ensure that the college is making the best use of this opportunity to attract diverse pools, promote the college's commitment to diversity and inclusion, and capture valuable data about the diversity of our applicant pools.

Report and Recommendations

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