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Elementary Chinese (I)/Chinese Language and Culture


Block 1: Hong Jiang (CN101/PA101): Elementary Chinese

Block 2: Hong Jiang (CN250/PA250): Chinese Language and Culture

Language opens the door to culture. Our course will pay attention to the relationship between Chinese language and culture—or in other words, the relationship between word and image, poetry and painting. The course begins with the study of Chinese language with an emphasis on basic grammar, speaking, and listening comprehension as well as mastery of some 280 Chinese characters for reading and writing (mainly in Block I). Students can continue their language study in Block IV to fulfill the college's language requirement. The second block introduces students to the Chinese concept of Family, Nature, and Self and explores how Chinese language and philosophical thinking (Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism) transformed ways of life for the East.  As an introductory course, the two blocks attempt to lead students to study Chinese language and culture in a broader historical, philosophical, and social context.

A set of linked one-block courses that must be taken together, with a single instructor; separate grades will be given for the language portion and the cultural portion of this class.


• Block 1: Elementary Chinese, meets one unit of CC language requirement.

• Block 1 fulfills the Asian Studies major or minor (1 unit); or Chinese minor (1 unit). Block 2 fulfills the Asian Studies major or minor (1 unit); or Chinese minor (1 unit).

• There will be a one-day field trip to Denver Asian Art Museum.