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FYE Course Information Grids

We’re excited to offer you a vibrant, intellectually challenging selection of First-Year Experience (FYE) courses. You may find that you’re excited about a variety of courses.

Check out the three grids below to help you review what each course offers or requires so that you can successfully map your options.

Remember that you will need to list eight choices and distribute your 20 course selection points between those eight choices. Need more information about the course selection process? Click here: FYE Course Registration.

Things to Consider

Here are several things you might want to consider when choosing between the exceptional options for your FYE.


  • Do I want to choose a subject that I’m familiar with but passionate about?
  • Should I explore a new and exciting field of inquiry?
  • What kinds of course work will help me transition into college as smoothly as possible?
  • What are my strengths? Where would I like to improve my abilities? What should I work on: Writing? Critical reading? Quantitative reasoning?


  • Some FYE courses are taught by a single instructor and have a 16-student course cap. Others are team-taught and have a 25-student course cap. What are you most comfortable with? 


  • Do I want to use my FYE to meet all-college requirements for graduation?
  • If so, which requirements would I like to complete at this time? 


  • How good is my preparation for this course?
  • Have I taken the necessary prerequisites?
  • Can I do the recommended summer reading?


  • Will I be able to balance additional course elements—a heavy reading load, afternoon labs, field trips, off-campus travel—with my other commitments at CC? (This is especially important to consider if you will be working while going to school, involved in extra-curricular activities, participating in sports, etc.)