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FYE Course Selection Guidelines

Consult the list of courses and identify the top 8 courses (top 3 for Winter Starts) you would be interested in taking during your first two blocks and list them in order of preference.

When you register online for your FYE, you will have an opportunity to rank your courses in order of preference by assigning points to 8 individual courses. Points represent the level of priority you want to place on each course. You have 100 points total (50 for Winter Starts). Think now about how you’ll distribute those points between your top 8 course selections (3 for Winter Starts). You must place a minimum of 1 point and a maximum of 20 points on each of your course choices. (Note that you will register for Blocks 3-8 in October).

You'll receive your account information in early June, and can register for courses once you have your username and password.

Suggestions for assigning FYE Points

Things to consider when distributing points

  • You have 100 points to bid on your top eight choices (50 points to bid on your top three choices for Winter Starts). Use whole numbers to bid on individual courses.
  • If you feel equally inclined toward your top eight choices, you might distribute your points evenly across courses. On the other hand, if you greatly prefer one course to the others, you should place extra points on that course but should still select a total of eight courses. 
  • Remember that you must select a total of 8 courses and you must place a minimum of 1 point and a maximum of 20 points on each of your selections.

How the placement algorithm works for course selection

  • FYE courses are capped at 16 students.
  • If more students sign up for a course than the course will hold, those who have placed the greatest number of points on that course will be admitted first. 
  • If more than 16 students place an equal number of points on a single-instructor course, the system's algorithm will use choice order as the tie breaker to place you.

Have questions about individual FYE courses? Need some advice or assistance with registering online?
Please contact Re Meyer Evitt (Associate Dean of the College) or Aaron Stoller (FYE Director) during regular working hours if you have questions about FYE courses.

FYE Advising

Students need to register for their FYE Seminars by June 30, 2016 (September 1 for Winter Starts). If you have questions about seminar options or the points system, ask: