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The FYE Mentor Program

Don't worry – we've got your back.

Each FYE course set is equipped with an experienced student mentor trained to supplement the insights of advisors and instructors.

Hand-picked by FYE course instructors, FYE mentors offer practical, 'on-the-ground' advice about courses, student life, and the Colorado Springs area – everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Students meet in the library around a table

Your FYE Mentor may ...

  • Offer informal, welcome-to-college advice about the Block Plan, time management, and social life – from a student's perspective.
  • Tag along on course-related excursions and events.
  • Introduce you to campus activities, student committees, and Colorado Springs.
  • Organize informal discussion sessions for you and your FYE classmates to talk through readings, prepare for assignments, and review for exams.
  • Arrange occasional social events and FYE "reunions" throughout the year.
  • Give you the lowdown on courses, the points system, and the layout of the first-year academic schedule before all-college preregistration in Block 7.

Fall 2014 FYE Mentors

Course Number Course Title Mentor
AN102/AN208 Cultural Anthropology/Topics in Anthropology: Material Culture Hannah Wilson
AH114 Art East and West Will Hannum
BY100/BY131 Introduction to Human Genetics/Introduction to Microbiology Kirsti Vogel & Tom Crowe
CH100/CH107 Kitchen Chemistry/General Chemistry Zoë Moffett & Taylor Scwabe
CL115/GS101 Introduction to Classical Literature and Archaelogy/Ancient Freedom and Authority Emily Kohut
CN101/CN250 Elementary Chinese/Chinese Language and Culture Katlyn Frey
CO100 Introduction to Comparative Literature Lucas Schaffer
EN203/CO200 History of Comedy/Theory of Comedy Jack Burger
EN203  Tradition and Change in Literature: All in the Family Luke Walden
EN225/EN280 Introduction to Shakespeare and Modern Drama

Bella Egizi


East/West: Where the twain shall meet?

Erica Jamieson
EN280/ED250 Tales out of School/The Aims of Education Julia Terman
FG110/FS136 Intro to Feminist Gender Studies Blaise Yafcak
FS215/FM102 Intro to Film Studies/Basic Filmmaking Kendall Rock
GR121/GR101 German Fairy Tales: Language, Literature, and Culture Frankie Jeney
GS101 Freedom and Authority Julia Kelley
GS101 Freedom and Authority:"Freedom From What? For What? On Whose Authority?" Genia Niemeyer
GS234 Introduction to African Cinema and Literatures in Translation Lydia Ballantine
GY140/GY150 Physical Geology/Environmental Geology Cody Duckworth
HS120 Renaissance Culture Kira Osborn & Davis Tutt
HY105 Civiliation in the West Caitlyn McCarty
HY109/PA111 Civilization in East Asia Jamie Peng
JA101/JA138 Elementary Japanese/Japanese Culture Jon Curry
MA151 The World of Numbers: From Euclid to the Information Age Nicole Pey
MU182 Emotion and Meaning in Music Max Rawson
PH201 History of Philosophy Teelin Lucero
PC123/PC124 Scientific Revolutions Tom Braine
PS103 Fundamental Debates on the Common Good Ami Egerstrom
PS203  The Search for Islamic Order Radhika Singh
PS101/MU227 Great Ideas in Politics and Music Katie Osborn
PY101 Introduction to Psychology Jeff Sperry
SO100/SO235 Thinking Sociologically/Sociology of the Family Molly Snell
SW175 The American Southwest: An Introduction Maia Wikler
TH/DA100 Ritual, Theatre and Performance Marin Day