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Frequently Asked Questions

What does The Butler Center do for LGBTQ students and awareness around queer issues?

The mission of The Butler Center and for the LGBTQ Student Specialist is to strengthen and sustain an affirming, inclusive, and just campus environment that supports students of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We do this by providing support, advocacy, and education.

  • Provides training, workshops, and on-going education on LGBTQ...issues (through programs such as I am an Ally. program, and on-going trainings with Residential Advisers, Student Health Center, and the Student Organization for Sexual Safety (SOSS))
  • Advocates campus-wide to ensure that we have a safe and inclusive campus environment
  • Provides social events for queer and ally students, faculty, staff, and alumni (such as the LGBTQ... Student, Staff, and Faculty Potlucks, and the LGBTQ Homecoming Dinner)
  • Directly advises and supports queer life student organizations and student initiatives around issues of gender and sexuality (The Colorado College LGBT Oral History Project)
  • Provides resources about LGBTQ... issues through materials, handouts, and books
  • Maintains membership to the Consortium of Higher Education Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Professionals and attends conferences and workshops annually to learn about innovative practices in higher education and social justice
  • Provides a safe drop-in space on campus for students to hang out in The Butler Center 
  • Provides one-on-one advising with students who are in need of support

What resources are available for queer students?

If you’re looking for queer-related support or social opportunities, CC has plenty to offer you. There queer- and ally- focused student organizations working as part of the Queer Community Coalition (Queer CC). Some organizations are support-related, while others organize social events. For more information, click here Student Organizations.

There are many faculty and staff resources at CC, who can offer support and point you in the direction of on- and off- campus resources. For a list of faculty and staff who identify as LGBTQ or ally resources visit Join the Community.

Boettcher Health Center offers STI testing and annual exams, counseling and psychological services, and provides condoms. Chaplains Bruce Coriell and Kate Holbrook; the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Tara Misra; and Boettcher Counseling and Psychological Services are confidential resources for students. In addition to Colorado College resources, the Colorado Springs community has a lot to offer LGBTQ students. Visit our Resources page for more information.

How many queer students are there at CC?

It’s tough to give an exact number for how many queer students are at CC. Identities can change and shift, and CC does not ask our students to identify. The Colorado College queer community is active and visible on-campus and in the broader community. Rather than looking at numbers on a paper, we focus on building healthy environments for students to explore and grow, and examine the strengths and varieties of queer-focused student organizations, initiatives, and events. We aim to include new voices and perspectives, and tie LGBTQ issues to a larger community focused on diversity and social justice.

Is it OK to be ‘out’ at CC?

Colorado College strives to strengthen and sustain an affirming, inclusive, and just campus environment that supports students of all gender identities and sexual orientations. The Butler Center together with staff, students and faculty across campus facilitate educational programs and trainings for the broader campus community; support, advocate for, and empower individual students and student organizations; work diligently to foster safe and inclusive spaces to build communities that promote learning, discovery, and scholarship about gender, sexual orientation, social justice, and the complexities of intersecting identities; collaborate with campus and community groups to ensure access and equity for LGBTQ students; invest in best practices and proactive policy around issues of gender and sexuality in higher education; and challenge and inspire all students to engage in critical examination of their own identities.

CC welcomes all individuals no matter their identity, background, beliefs or experiences. We have a no-tolerance policy for bias incidents.

What if I’m not gay, can I still be a part of the community and events?

Regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, we welcome all students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members to attend our on-campus events and activities. We strive for an inclusive community that welcomes everyone. You never have to identify in order to participate in any student groups or utilize any on-campus resources.

What is there for LGBTQ and ally faculty, staff, or alumni?

Faculty, staff, and alumni are important parts of our community! We welcome alumni, current and former faculty and staff, LGBTQ Discretionary Fund and the former Gill Scholarship donors, and parents to join our LGBTQ Affinity Group. As a member of the LGBTQ Affinity Group, you will hear about our LGBTQ Homecoming Dinner, LGBTQ potlucks that are hosted by faculty and staff throughout the year, LGBTQ-related events at CC, and you can stay connected to the community.

LGBTQ faculty and staff are also welcome to join the LGBTQ Listserv to receive information about LGBTQ issues pertinent to CC faculty and staff.

Finally, The Butler Center provides Resources for creating inclusive, welcoming, and LGBTQ-affirming spaces, whether in the classroom, an office, or a professional work environment. We also provide on-going trainings to any faculty and staff and upon request.

Please contact Brett Gray with any questions.