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The academic enterprise -- teaching and learning -- is the heart of Colorado College. From the college's founding in 1874, the CC tradition has centered on the classroom experience and the close relationship of students and professors. The Block Plan, adopted in 1970, mandated small classes and encouraged focused, intensive learning. While our unusual location and flexible academic schedule set the college apart from many other colleges, we are at heart a traditional liberal arts college. That means that the focus is predominantly on undergraduate education, with balanced emphasis on the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.
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Image for "Liberal learning is learning to respond to the invitations of the great intellectual adventures in which human beings have come to display their various understandings of the world and of themselves." – Political Philosopher Michael Oakeshott in his lecture A Place of Learning, presented for CCs centennial in September 1974..

Interdisciplinary Programs
The College offers a series of special programs and courses that do not constitute major fields. Students may be able to major in these areas through the LAS Major or students with special interests may choose courses in these areas.
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Image for Colorado College Prof. David Weddle Publishes Book on Miracles Image for CC Biology Professor Brian Linkhart's Research on Flammulated Owls Could Provide Climate Clues
Course Creations
Making Something Good

Photo from Baca
Making Something Good, a website by Val Veirs' Introduction to Global Climate Change class
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Sacred Places, Spiritual Practices and the Potential Impacts of Natural Gas Drilling at the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, a website by Sarah Hautzinger's Block 6 anthropology class. More>

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